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Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Deut 31:6

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lessons from the Fog

It’s amazing that what was so familiar on a nice
sunny day is so unfamiliar on a foggy day. You
can feel lost. You aren’t sure of which road to
turn on. At least, that’s how I felt this morning
traveling to the dentist. I couldn’t seem to get
my bearings.

Isn’t life like that at times? We can lose our way
at times. We don’t know what lies ahead and it
fills us with apprehension. If we could only see
the future we’d be fine.

At times this morning I’d see headlights or
tail lights of a car in front of me and I’d feel a
little better. Maybe I’d be fine, maybe I’d make
it to my destination after all.

Another scary thing about the fog is that there
are other drivers. What they do will affect me?
Other people in my life can affect me. I have to
be careful that I don’t let them affect me to go
against what I believe, what God would want
me to do.

Things to remember: 1. The fog will lift. It lifts in
our lives, too. Those scary apprehensive times
will get better. 2. Focus on God. This morning I
had to try to focus on the road just in front of me.
I couldn’t see way ahead or to the side. Stay
focused at all times.

We don’t know the future, but we know the “One”
who holds the future. He’s our compass and our


carmen uy said...

How nice to be able to connect again...

Yes, sometimes God sends us trials in our be able to understand more the salvation Jesus is offering us, and the people whose lives we touch.

We are all brothers and sisters through Jesus Christ...

And as Christians, Jesus continue to live within us, who guides us during life's trials. He said that we will not be tested beyond our capacity.

Lynn Radford said...

I really enjoyed this post, Judy! We all feel lost and alone sometimes. Your perspective was unique. I liked your approach.

I'll have to make stopping by your blog a regular part of my routine. Somehow I'd let many things get away from me this past year. Thankfully, my relationship with Him was not one of those things.

I was glad for the opportunity to chat with you earlier today and look forward to many more of those encounters in the coming months.

Blessings to you and yours!