Bible Verse of the Month...

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Deut 31:6

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You're a Hero in Their Eyes

Precious little children
Moldable like clay
Watching all you do
Listening to what you say.

They think you do no wrong.
Don’t ever lead them astray.
You’re a hero in their eyes.
Lead them on the narrow way.

Tell them about Jesus
How He loves everyone.
Tell about all He created
The flowers, trees, and sun.

Show them to be kind.
Teach them how to pray.
Remember you’re their hero
So be a good example today.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home at Last

Beautiful gates of heaven
Open wide.
Golden streets in that city
Where I’ll reside.

A mansion’s prepared for me
A special place.
No more crying
My tears God will erase.

Being with God
Will make my joy complete.
I’ll sing praises to Him
And fall at His feet.

Flowing by His throne
Is a crystal sea.
Home at last with
my Father I’ll be.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Grandmother's Joy

The sound of little feet coming down the hall was a
delight to the Grandmother’s heart. She couldn’t wait to
see her grandson turn the corner. There he was with that
sweet grin. Her heart did little flip-flops.
What was it about grandchildren that was so special?
All grandmothers loved to talk about their grandchildren and
show pictures. She was no exception.
Everyone of her grans were precious to her and now
God was blessing her with two more. Her heart overflowed
with joy at the thought.
No matter how many grandchildren she had, she knew
there was plenty of love for each one. Each child was special
and she prayed for them. She wanted them to grow up
knowing how very much God loved them. Someday she
hoped they would all be in heaven together.
She had special memories with each child. Fischer
remembered the cookies they had made and decorated at
Christmas. Esther liked it when they played harmonicas
together. Garrison knew Grandma would be up early in the
morning to greet him.
Fischer and Esther enjoyed feeding the fish in
Grandma’s aquarium.
The grandmother treasured all the cute things her
Grandchildren said and did. Fischer called her one day
and then told his mother, “I called the Grandma with the
She loved listening over and over to the video of
Esther singing her ABC’s.
She loved it when her son, Franklin, called and
sang Twinkle, twinkle little star and stopped every few
words and let Garrison fill in the blanks. He sang each
word loud and clear. It was so cute.
She wondered what kind of memories there
would be when her two new grandchildren would be
All grandmothers should make special memories
with their grandchildren. Maybe she felt this way even
more because she never knew her grandmothers.
The grandmother hoped her grandchildren would
be able to remember fun times that they had shared
and to know how much their grandmother loved them.
She would make sure each moment with them was
filled with laughter and good times.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Martha Choose What's Best

Martha hurried and scurried
About all the details she worried.
The meal must be perfect she thought
While Mary listened as Jesus taught.

Martha asked Jesus a question.
“Can you give Mary a suggestion.
Please tell her to help me with the guests.
I’ve worked until I’m feeling stressed.”

“Martha, Martha, don’t worry and fret
Or live a life filled with regret.
Mary has chosen the better part
To listen and give me her heart.”

He wanted Martha to learn
Her heart for God must yearn.
She should be still and wait
And on His word meditate.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I can Worship

I can Worship

I will sing and pray
Worship God today
He made the earth and sky
And the beautiful butterfly.

With His mighty power
He made the rain showers
The booming of thunder
Fills my heart with wonder.

I thank Him for food to eat,
Fruit, vegetables and meat.
Thank Him for our family
Mom, Dad, sister, brother and me.

Remember how Jesus died
On the cross He was crucified.
His body represented by the bread
Fruit of the vine reminds me that He bled.

We give money with a cheerful heart
To help others by doing our part.
We send people to foreign lands
To tell of God’s wonderful plans.

I love to read the B-i-b-l-e
It tells that Jesus loves me.
I will learn to trust and obey
Walk with Him every day.

(Trying to come up with a worship poem for
children's Bible class)

Friday, June 04, 2010

A Look Back

Take a look at your life. What were you like
as a teenager and what are you like now? How
has God worked in your life? Isn't it amazing
that He can take our weaknesses and use them
for His glory.

Are you doing things in your life now that
you never expected to?

I was an "extremely shy" teenager. I blushed
when someone even looked at me. I hated standing
in front of people at school and giving book
reports or even answering questions from teachers.

But God gave me some amazing friends and new
opportunities for growth. Those friends encouraged
me to be a cub scout den mother, a missionary in
Zambia, a teacher at the prison, and a writer
of poetry. (ok, I'll never be an Emily Dickinson
or other famous poet)

Now look back over your own life and share your
experiences. Where has God brought you from.

Now, am I an extravert now? NO!!! But He has
helped me grow a lot. What an awesome God we

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sharing More Prayer Experiences

Many of you may already know about this answered
prayer, but thought I'd share. Also, have a couple
of others to share with you. Feel free to share
yours and we can encourage one another.

Before going to Africa I was petrified. The thought
of moving so far from family and friends and going
to a place I didn't know anyone was frightening.
Each evening at supper I would feel so sick from
worry that I couldn't eat. That's very unusual
for me.

I told Fred, my husband, that I just didn't think
I could go. He told me that was ok, but he felt
that it was what God wanted him to do. So I prayed.
It was kind of a Gideon throwing out the fleece.
God, if this is what you want, then help me get
over this feeling of fear. I think we were actually
on our way to Zambia when I realized God had answered
my prayer. It's amazing. I think I had one episode of
feeling lonely after arriving. God's answers can be
so powerful.

I would not trade my experience of living in Zambia
for anything. The people were amazing and taught me
so much about love, faith and hospitality. I went
to teach them, but I think I received even more
than I gave.Yes, I missed my family, but people
there became my family. I wish I could see them

I'll share some more answered prayers later. Please
share yours. We can strengthen each other.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Looking Back on God's Answers

Can't go to sleep tonight so I was thinking back
about God's answers to prayers about my own job
hunting experience.

When we returned from Africa it was difficult for
Fred and I to find jobs. I hadn't had a phone in
my house to answer for 5 years. I felt like a
stranger here.

My first job was a job during the holidays at an
Anthony's Department store. Fred and I both got a
job there thanks to a member at Westwood. I felt so
helpless and foolish. My next job was a temporary
job for the post office. It was at night. It was
hard going to work when my family was getting ready
to go to bed.

Then God blessed me with a job at Landmark books
with Norma. What a wonderful sister-in-Christ and
great friend.

Then God blessed me with a job at Alva Roofing where
I now work. Another blessing working with more
Christians and working part-time.

Isn't it amazing the way God works things out! It's
not always all at once. Look back in your own life.
How has God worked? I'd really like to hear your

In the Old Testament they passed down the stories
about God's mighty deeds. They had different ways to
remember what He did. Don't we also need to keep
remembering our past and where God has brought us.
I know I do. Sometimes I forget. I get scared and
wonder how He's going to work out problems in my life
or in my loved one's life. I need to constantly look
back at God's mighty deeds in my own life. This is
just one small look at how God worked in my life.
I wanted to share it so you'd look back, too. Let's
remind one another over and over of how God works in
our lives.

And God, Thank you!!!!