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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Grandmother's Joy

The sound of little feet coming down the hall was a
delight to the Grandmother’s heart. She couldn’t wait to
see her grandson turn the corner. There he was with that
sweet grin. Her heart did little flip-flops.
What was it about grandchildren that was so special?
All grandmothers loved to talk about their grandchildren and
show pictures. She was no exception.
Everyone of her grans were precious to her and now
God was blessing her with two more. Her heart overflowed
with joy at the thought.
No matter how many grandchildren she had, she knew
there was plenty of love for each one. Each child was special
and she prayed for them. She wanted them to grow up
knowing how very much God loved them. Someday she
hoped they would all be in heaven together.
She had special memories with each child. Fischer
remembered the cookies they had made and decorated at
Christmas. Esther liked it when they played harmonicas
together. Garrison knew Grandma would be up early in the
morning to greet him.
Fischer and Esther enjoyed feeding the fish in
Grandma’s aquarium.
The grandmother treasured all the cute things her
Grandchildren said and did. Fischer called her one day
and then told his mother, “I called the Grandma with the
She loved listening over and over to the video of
Esther singing her ABC’s.
She loved it when her son, Franklin, called and
sang Twinkle, twinkle little star and stopped every few
words and let Garrison fill in the blanks. He sang each
word loud and clear. It was so cute.
She wondered what kind of memories there
would be when her two new grandchildren would be
All grandmothers should make special memories
with their grandchildren. Maybe she felt this way even
more because she never knew her grandmothers.
The grandmother hoped her grandchildren would
be able to remember fun times that they had shared
and to know how much their grandmother loved them.
She would make sure each moment with them was
filled with laughter and good times.

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carmen uy said...

Am I hooked as a fish? I know i am not a hooker. Just sdomeone believing in the song, "who cares what people thinks of you?...Saint or sinner...sinner or saint...Mother Angelica said in EWTN, we are all called to sainthood.

thanks for sharing....