Bible Verse of the Month...

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Deut 31:6

Saturday, February 23, 2008

This is a Poem About

This is a poem about a family.
This is a poem about traveling on a bumpy potholed road.
This is a poem about eating nsema and chicken and visiting.
This is a poem about hospitality.
This is a poem about friendship.
This is a poem about love.
This is a poem about the Sianjinas.

This is a poem about a teacher.
This is a poem about attending chapel.
This is a poem about a little girl searching for the teacher
in chapel.
This is a poem about Rayton and Libby.

This is a poem about a student.
This is a poem about a soccer player.
This is a poem about a friend with a dream.
This is a poem about the student, friend, soccer player,
who left Zambia and went to the States.
This is a poem about my Zambian son.
This is a poem about Bornwell.

This is a poem about a wedding.
This is a poem about customs.
This is a poem about laughter and
this is a poem about the friend who
got married.
This is a poem about Justin.

This is a poem about pillow fights.
This is a poem about baking cake for a friend.
This is a poem about a storyteller.
This is a poem about Ray.

This is a poem about the Sianjinas.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Marvelous Day

I had a marvelous day today. You might ask, what did you do
that was so marvelous. I had a day at home alone. It was so
exciting. I cleaned sinks, mopped floors, cleaned toilets, and
washed laundry. I even had time to watch one of my all-time
favorite movies (again) Facing the Giants. I also talked to my
mother, my mother-in-law and my son, Franklin, on the phone.

Even though I worked around the house I also had time just to
be alone and relax. If I don't have days to just relax and be
alone I really get stressed out.

I'm going to be teaching at the prison in about 3 weeks so I
worked on my lesson.

I think God knew I needed one of these stay at home and relax
kind of days. So thank you Father. You always provide what I

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Friends-Thank God for Them

Think back to the friends who have made a difference in your life.
If you're like me there are plenty, but one such friend is Carol.

Carol really worked at pulling me out of my shell, making me do
things that were out of my comfort zone. She encouraged me to
be a cub scout den leader. I still can't believe that I did that.
Of course, I also had another friend, Margaret, who helped me
with the boys or I'm sure I'd never been able to do it.

Fred and I were also in the brothers' keeper group with Carol
and her husband, Bob. Carol asked me to call people in the group
each month and invite them to the meeting. This was also
something difficult for me. It was like pulling teeth. I am not a
phone person and still have to rehearse what I say when I call
someone to ask a question.

Friends, like Carol and Margaret, have made a great difference
in my life. They helped me grow. They encouraged and inspired
me to try new things. They believed in me. Have you ever had
friends like that or have you ever been a friend like that? I'd
like your comments.

Let's all try to be the kind of friends we really need to be. Friends
who make a difference; who inspire, encourage, and want the
very best for our friends. Friends - BE ONE!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spiritual Blahs

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels spiritually?
Not going forward in your faith or growing. Do you feel like
your prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling?

I guess it's like the winter season. You can see no growth.
Everything looks dead, but there's hope because it really isn't.
The green grass will come out, the trees bud and bring forth
leaves, and the flowers will once more come forth in an array
of colors.

I know God is listening and waiting for just the right moment
to answer my prayers. Everything has to be just right. I
have been studying Joseph and think about all those years it
took before his dreams came true. All the suffering and how
God was shaping him.

I look around at others who are suffering and feel my trials
are so insignificant up to theirs. God has a plan for each
one of us and a time for it to be fulfilled.

So, dear one, there is hope. Keep believing, keep praying
and be assured God loves you and is working mightily in
your behalf.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fears about Job Search

Has anyone else experience fear related to trying to find a job?
I remember when Fred and I returned from Africa and I hadn't
worked outside our home in 17 years. All the job listings made
the jobs sound like something I couldn't possibly do.

I hadn't answered a phone in the 5 years we had lived in Africa.
We didn't have a phone. Secretarial work had changed so much
because there were computers.

So if you haven't worked for awhile like a stay at home Mom or
if you've had the same job for quite some time it's a frightening
experience looking for a job. Can anyone relate? If so, please

Monday, February 04, 2008

Wash the Gray Away or Where's My Miss Clairol When I Need It!

There are certain disadvantages of being short on cash. I had begun
to enjoy an occasional trip to the beauty salon to get my hair cut and
that's no longer possible. Also, my hair has to go back to its original
color, drab gray and brown. My hair looks like it has been powdered
next to my scalp.

I guess this is the end of a beautiful friendship with Miss Clairol or
Revlon or whatever color I could find.

I just had another birthday so I guess I will just have to look my age!

What is a Friend?

It's difficult being a friend at times; especially if the friend
doesn't act like a friend. This was brought home to me last
week when my Step-Dad and Mom tried to help a friend.
They had a car wreck and now the "friend" is suing them.
They were just trying to help her during a difficult time.

She even spent the night of the accident with them; then
was quick to leave the next morning to see her lawyer.
She had already been complaining of back pain, but said
her back was lots worse now.

Still you don't want an experience like this to change you.
You still want to be someone willing to reach out and
help someone.

I think of a friend like Jonathan was to David. He knew
David would be king and even though as Saul's son he
could have claimed the kingship, he didn't want to do
that. He wanted to protect his friend, even if it meant
being at odds with his own father.

To have friends, a person must show themselves friendly.
We also should live by the golden rule to treat others as
we want to be treated. Friends do things for each other.
It's not a one way street. You don't do things for a friend
so your friend will do things for you, but real friends seek
to help and encourage one another.

Let's remember to treat our friends with kindness.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Presumed Murdered

My sister brought two notebooks full of work she had done on
our family genealogy. One was about my mother's family and
the other about my father's family. There were so many of the
people that I didn't know, even those who lived in my lifetime.

As I was looking through the book about my father's family I
discovered an entry about a woman relative. It said she was
presumed murdered. Presumed murdered! I can't get that
out of my mind. Why was it that she was presumed murdered?
What had happened? What were the circumstances? Where
was she found? Did they have any idea as to who might have
murdered her?

Did she have a happy life up until that fateful day? Or was her
life full of sadness. What was her marriage like? Did anyone
consider if her husband might have killed her? Was there any
possibility of suicide?

It happened in about 1846. I can't remember exactly what the
notebook said about how old she was. I suppose no one will ever
know what really happened. Presumed murdered!