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Friday, February 01, 2008

Presumed Murdered

My sister brought two notebooks full of work she had done on
our family genealogy. One was about my mother's family and
the other about my father's family. There were so many of the
people that I didn't know, even those who lived in my lifetime.

As I was looking through the book about my father's family I
discovered an entry about a woman relative. It said she was
presumed murdered. Presumed murdered! I can't get that
out of my mind. Why was it that she was presumed murdered?
What had happened? What were the circumstances? Where
was she found? Did they have any idea as to who might have
murdered her?

Did she have a happy life up until that fateful day? Or was her
life full of sadness. What was her marriage like? Did anyone
consider if her husband might have killed her? Was there any
possibility of suicide?

It happened in about 1846. I can't remember exactly what the
notebook said about how old she was. I suppose no one will ever
know what really happened. Presumed murdered!

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