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Monday, February 04, 2008

What is a Friend?

It's difficult being a friend at times; especially if the friend
doesn't act like a friend. This was brought home to me last
week when my Step-Dad and Mom tried to help a friend.
They had a car wreck and now the "friend" is suing them.
They were just trying to help her during a difficult time.

She even spent the night of the accident with them; then
was quick to leave the next morning to see her lawyer.
She had already been complaining of back pain, but said
her back was lots worse now.

Still you don't want an experience like this to change you.
You still want to be someone willing to reach out and
help someone.

I think of a friend like Jonathan was to David. He knew
David would be king and even though as Saul's son he
could have claimed the kingship, he didn't want to do
that. He wanted to protect his friend, even if it meant
being at odds with his own father.

To have friends, a person must show themselves friendly.
We also should live by the golden rule to treat others as
we want to be treated. Friends do things for each other.
It's not a one way street. You don't do things for a friend
so your friend will do things for you, but real friends seek
to help and encourage one another.

Let's remember to treat our friends with kindness.

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