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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Looking Back on God's Answers

Can't go to sleep tonight so I was thinking back
about God's answers to prayers about my own job
hunting experience.

When we returned from Africa it was difficult for
Fred and I to find jobs. I hadn't had a phone in
my house to answer for 5 years. I felt like a
stranger here.

My first job was a job during the holidays at an
Anthony's Department store. Fred and I both got a
job there thanks to a member at Westwood. I felt so
helpless and foolish. My next job was a temporary
job for the post office. It was at night. It was
hard going to work when my family was getting ready
to go to bed.

Then God blessed me with a job at Landmark books
with Norma. What a wonderful sister-in-Christ and
great friend.

Then God blessed me with a job at Alva Roofing where
I now work. Another blessing working with more
Christians and working part-time.

Isn't it amazing the way God works things out! It's
not always all at once. Look back in your own life.
How has God worked? I'd really like to hear your

In the Old Testament they passed down the stories
about God's mighty deeds. They had different ways to
remember what He did. Don't we also need to keep
remembering our past and where God has brought us.
I know I do. Sometimes I forget. I get scared and
wonder how He's going to work out problems in my life
or in my loved one's life. I need to constantly look
back at God's mighty deeds in my own life. This is
just one small look at how God worked in my life.
I wanted to share it so you'd look back, too. Let's
remind one another over and over of how God works in
our lives.

And God, Thank you!!!!

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