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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Remembering Mr. & Mrs. H

When we lived in Broken Arrow we were in a Brothers' Keepers Group. We were helping our friends, the Arledges. It was good for us to be involved in a group because there were people of different ages.

That's when I met Mr. & Mrs. H. I was able to go and visit them at their home. They were a really neat older couple; lots of fun.

One day when I went to their home, Mr. H told his wife to tell me what she had done. She had put her false teeth on a plate. Then later she went to feed her dogs and mistakenly threw her false teeth to the dogs. In a little while, she discovered what she had done and went to retrieve her false teeth.

We also had another older gentleman in our group. One time when we were all arriving, this older gentleman parked behind Mr. & Mrs. H and bumped into their car. Mrs. H had a hairpiece on so when she came in the hairpiece was standing straight up. We all had a laugh about that.

Isn't it great that throughout our lives we can have people wander through of all ages and races and we can enjoy them. Everyone we meet brings something different into our lives. I just hope that I managed to give them something, too. A part of myself.

That was something that I learned when we lived in Africa. People there no matter how poor always wanted to feed you or give you something (maybe some ground nuts or eggs). They always felt that their visitors gave them something from just coming to see them and they wanted to show their gratitude.

I have so many people in my life that I owe so much to. They each touched my heart and changed my life.

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