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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Salute to Ba Sailas

When we were living in Africa we had a houseman named Sailas. He was always doing things that drove me crazy.

Sailas was a very small man. Maybe 5 feet tall and probably about 100 pounds.

He would come to work every morning by way of the school pond. One morning he came into the house quite excited and pleased with himself. He said, Madame, come see. There's a very large animal outside. I said I don't know if I want to see it. He kept urging me to come outside. He had killed a very large black mamba snake. They are one of the most deadly snakes. It was probably 6 - 8 ft long.

Ba Sailas could have been killed. I believe these snakes are called the 30 second snake because if you are bitten you have about 30 seconds to live. I couldn't believe he would take a chance like that. Of course, if he hadn't killed it, it probably would killed someone.

He got someone else to help him carry it and he went all around the campus showing off his prize.

While Ba Sailas did drive me crazy at times he really helped our family with a lot of tasks that would have overwhelmed me. I do miss Ba Sailas and am thankful for the work he did to help our family.

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