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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Don't Cross that Bridge

Another foggy morning, but I decided I'd for
for a walk anyway. Fog has a certain mystery
about it and eeriness.

The snow was clear on the sidewalks as I began
my walk. The lights on houses were dimmed by
the fog. Still it was pretty in a way plus I
heard some birds singing. That always brings
me joy.

When I go into the Copperfield neighborhood I
always enjoy going through the park and crossing
the bridge. This morning as I neared the bridge
I noticed snow and ice. Since I had fallen in
the December snow I'm very leery of getting
anywhere near ice and snow. I decided a short
walk was alright. I was not going to cross the

Sometimes we need to beware of bridges in our
lives. The other side looks so inviting. Sin
can look so pretty so alluring to us. We have
to beware of crossing that bridge. We may not
be able to get back across it.

Don't cross that bridge and take that first
drink, that first drug just to see what it's
like. Too many have been caught up into an
addiction that has them bound.

There are many other activities that look ok,
but in reality can lead us into sin. Beware!
Don't cross that bridge!

Avoid the very appearance of evil. I Thess 5:22

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