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Monday, December 31, 2007

Remembering Luis

I went into work today to do payroll. Just a few of the guys were
there. I heard a voice and thought Luis, but then again it couldn't be
Luis. He died December 20th.
It's really difficult to imagine he won't be coming into the office
again. It's like a bad dream and I keep thinking he'll walk into the
office some morning.
He'd always been such a hard worker. He always got his projects
roofed quicker than anyone else. He worked his guys hard, but
didn't ask anything of them that he wouldn't be willing to do.
He was our top foreman and then he became the executive
supervisor and was in the office some. I knew I could ask him about
some of the problems I was having getting the guys to bring in the
invoices. He'd always try to help.
I realized that Luis isn't gone as long as I can remember him.
I'm sure I'll hear his voice and see his smile in the memories that I
have stored in my mind and heart.
We'll miss you, Luis, but we won't forget you. I'll remember you
standing alongside your 17 year old son, Luis Jr., at the Christmas
party. I'll remember the delicious beef fajitis that you cooked. I'll
remember you and Manuela being with us at the goodbye parties
for Ty and Bill.
I'm sure the guys will talk about you. They always have funny
stories to remember about each other. They seem to enjoy playing
tricks on one another.
I'll miss you, Luis. I'll miss your voice, your smile, your hard
work, your dedication, friendliness, and all the help you extended
to me. I'm not the only one who'll miss you. I know that we'll
remind one another at work about you. I'm sure occasionally I'll
still hear your voice and see your smile.
Thanks, Luis, for being a part of our lives at Alva Roofing.

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