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Friday, October 31, 2008

Blessings I Delight In

I love my grandchildren. It's wonderful to be loved by children.
It touched my heart when Esther reached her hands out to me and
when Fischer said, "I've been missing you". Baby Garrison is so sweet
and precious.

I enjoy seeing their first smiles and how they are growing and
learning how to do new things.

What a joy to hold them and rock them. I think it's a reminder
of when my own babies were small and I could hold them.

I hope my own children know how much I still delight in watching
their progress in life. I share their joy in their graduations, weddings,
moving into their own homes, and having their own children.

It thrills me to see my sons with their own children and to see how
much they love them and want to be good daddies.

I'm glad that Libby shares about her joys of wanting to be a teacher.
She's grown so confident in her ability to speak. She's had lots of
accomplishments, attended conferences and presented papers.

What a blessing to be told that Franklin is doing a great job as a
youth minister. I'm proud of John and his accomplishments at his
job and his promotion that he received a while back.

It's a great joy to see Franklin's talents to write, John's talent of
playing the guitar, and Libby's talent of speaking and teaching.

I also take great delight in my daughters-in-love: Tracy and
Emily. I prayed for many years for christian wives for my sons
and God answered my prayers. It is a joy to see them taking care
of my sons and their children. I love seeing how they decorate
their homes.

I have many blessings. I just want to make sure my children
know how special they are. Love ya, Mom

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