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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Compromise - Good or Bad

Compromise. It can be good. We all need to remember that someone
else needs their turn sometimes. Fred's wonderful at saying: "Where
do you want to go eat or what movie do you want to rent?" I need to
remember to be thoughtful and take turns doing what he likes.

But what about compromising your beliefs. I see too much of that.
We say "everybody's doing such and such now". Nothing's wrong with
it. Did God's standards for us change or are we trying to change it to
fit our own wants? We certainly don't want to stand out from the crowd,
do we?

Sorry if I seem to be preaching. I'm actually reminding myself that I
need to be holier, hold myself to a higher standard. I'm thankful for
Christian friends who live a great example and encourage me to live for
Christ. We go together to the prison on Tuesday nights and share our
lives. None of us are perfect, but we try to encourage one another to live
above the world's standards.

If you're living a Christian life, can anyone see a difference? Would they know
you're a Christian by how you talk, the movies you see, the places you go?

There's always someone watching us. Teachers have lots of children who
watch them daily. They have a big responsibility to model the right way to
act to those students. What about you? Who's watching you?

I've got three beautiful grandchildren. Children need lots of encouragement
nowadays to know how to not get caught up in worldly activities. How to
live in the world, without looking like the world.

Wow. I've got lots to do, lots of praying, lots of reading God's Word. I've got
to be a godly wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Too many souls look at
me. What kind of example am I? What kind of example are you? Think
about it.

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