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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Superman Rescues the Baby Pumpkin

Nebraska's weather was beautiful on Halloween day,
cool and crisp, but pleasant. All the children dreamed about
the large amount of delicious candy they would receive.

Adults bought lots of candy and decorated so neighborhood
children would have fun. The adults didn't mind having a
little candy leftover to munch on.

Superman was excited about Halloween. He enjoyed flying
around and seeing all the children walking around from door
to door getting treats. He also wanted to make sure all the
children were safe.

What a huge responsibility! He was watching one baby
pumpkin very carefully. This baby had a difficult time when
he was born.

Baby Garrison was dressed as a pumpkin. He was sleeping
soundly in his stroller. Someone had pushed him around and
left him close to a hill. All of a sudden his stroller was bumped
into by one of the children trick or treating. It started rolling
down a hill. Garrison's Mom started screaming. She and his
Daddy started running down the hill trying to stop the runaway
stroller. Other friends started helping in the chase to save
baby Garrison.

It was a long hill and the stroller picked up speed. It was then
that Superman or Supperman, as he was sometimes called, saw
the danger.

Immediately he turned and flew in the direction of the runaway
stroller. With the speed of light he was there to stop the
stroller. He picked up Baby Garrison, who was actually laughing
and enjoying his ride down the hill. He was too little to know the
danger he was in.

Garrison's grateful parents thanked and thanked Superman for
saving Garrison, the baby pumpkin.

Superman didn't want a fuss made about it. He was just glad to
help. Seeing Garrison safe was all the reward he needed.

He flew off so he could continue his mission to watch over the
children so they would all have a Happy Halloween.

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