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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Two Friends (An Esther Story)

Mrs. Wazowsky knew this would be a beautiful day.
She stretched and crawled out of bed. At her age she
didn't jump out of bed anymore, but you had to expect
some changes with age.

She was so blessed with a nice home and now there
was her darling companion, Stella, an energetic beagle

The sun was shining so bright. This would be a great
day to take Stella out for a walk to the park.

She placed her pocka dot hat and sunglasses on. This
new hat did wonders for her spirits. The colors just
seemed to say Spring.

“Stella, Stella”, she called. The puppy was always
excited to hear her name. Stella loved this delightful
human that she lived with.

Mrs. Wazowsky enjoyed singing while she did her
chores. Stella howled, which was her way of joining

Stella loved their daily walks, although, Mrs.
Wazowsky was a bit slow. Still Stella could stop
and do a lot of sniffing of the grass and flowers.

Both Mrs. Wazowsky and Stella enjoyed their new
friendship. They realized there was a God who
created them and blessed them by giving them to
each other.

Time for their walk. They both silently thanked
God for another marvelous day together.

(Esther is Mrs. Wazowsky in this story and Stella
is her new woof woof.)

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Miss Charlene said...

lol, this is so adorable! I enjoyed it! Also, such a cute picture!!