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Thursday, March 30, 2006

According to Scripture

I am involved in a prison ministry. We had a guest speaker. I
I always love to hear him speak. He is so dynamic. He has us
read a lot from the Bible. Of course, isn't that what we should
do. We need lessons straight from the Word.

Lee would ask the women a question and say don't give me your
opinion. Tell me "According to the Word" or "The Scripture says"
and tell me what book of the Bible the answer is found in. He
kept pointing us back to the Word.

We can't go wrong when we go the The Word. Sometimes the lessons
that we need the most are simple, but yet we need reminders.
Reminders that keep us focused on the Word of God. If we have a
problem in life go the Word to find out how to solve it. What
does the Bible say? If we are tempted we should do what Jesus
did; quote scripture. Thank you God for the people you send our
way that gently remind us where our true focus should be. Please
God help me have a better knowledge of your Word so I can point
others to you.

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womiles said...

How does Paul come to know the Spirit of Christ ? Scripture informs us, but it didn't inform him. Does Paul anywhere equate the Word with a written word?