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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lessons from Little Children

Children can teach us a lot if we just stop and listen
to them. Listen to the prayers of children. They are
thankful and notice even the small gifts God blesses
them with: blades of grass, smell of flowers, shapes of
clouds in the sky, and moments with Dad and Mom.

Children can also teach us to notice the small things
people do and tell them. Our grandson, Fischer,
was a good example of this during our time with him
the week of Thanksgiving.

Fischer needed some help from Grandpa and then
told his Grandpa, "you're so strong, Grandpa. You're
so strong."

Then Fischer spilled some of his cereal on the table
and I wiped it up. He said, "Grandma, you're a good
cleaner." What a smart little guy!

A couple of things to think about today. Remember
to tell your Father in Heaven thank you for all the
gifts He's given you. If you're like me, you have a
lot that He's blessed you with so be prepared to
spend some time with Him.

Also, notice the small things people do. The way
they bless you by noticing the things you do.
Wouldn't it be great as families if we noticed
the smiles, the food mothers cook, daddies working
hard for families, friends calling us just when we
need it. Little notes of kindness sent.

Too many times we focus on what somebody does
wrong; the times they don't do things like we
would like for them to.

Phil 4:8-9 would be a great text for us to look at.
Think about whatever is lovely, pure, admirable,
noble, true, praiseworthy.

Small children also forgive easily. They don't seem
to hold grudges. Their smiles and hugs are precious.
They love us so sweetly.

Remember lessons from little children. Be thankful
and tell God what you're thankful for. Tell others
the good things you see about them.

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Californialily said...

Children are SUCH blessings to the Lord and to us! What a beautiful picture! My youngest son had the same baby blanket with the footprints :)