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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Writing the History of Our Lives

I've been reading a lot about writing memoirs; writing events from our
lives. I want to write about my life, not that it's so amazing or enthralling
to listen to. Realizing my children don't know very much about my
family and my childhood compels me to want to write, even if it's only for
my children and grandchildren. I'm not saying I'm a "great writer" and
everyone should read what I write.

I suppose at times I feel that I don't know nearly as much as I'd like to
about my Dad or my mother. My mother is still alive and I can find out
events about her life, what it was like for her growing up; however, my
Dad has been dead for 28 years. I want to put what I do know on paper
so my children and grandchildren can at least know my Dad through
me. I think as long as my Dad lives on in my memory somehow I
hope I can keep him alive and let others know what he meant to my

I never knew my Dad's parents and I wish my Dad or Aunt had told
me more about them. Although, my Dad's mother died when he was
about 18 months old so he really didn't know much about her either.

We have such strong ties to our family and unfortunately those
closest to us don't always know all that we long to tell them. We leave
so many thoughts and feelings unsaid. Also, by writing about the
people in my life I can relive some precious moments and realize how
blessed my life has been.

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Franklin Wood said...

We'll be anxiously awaiting our family anthology!