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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Treasured Tuesdays

Remember When

Take lots of pictures and make memories.
One day you'll be glad you have these.
Loves ones won't always be around.
Place photos where they can be found.

Remember all those famous fishing trips,
where your Dad gave lots of tips.
How about the unusual things caught;
turtles and a sea gull that fought.

What about the fun times in the boat;
bottom of the lake with an anchor, you can't float!
Trying to get up on one ski,
once more around the lake was your plea.

How about all those fish on a line;
Wow! Franklin sure did fine.
How many people with hooks were stuck;
some people have all the luck.

Grandma stated with much pride,
“I set a record and hadn't even tried.”
Remember staying up half the night
cleaning all those fish by lantern light.

Telling stories that stretch the imagination.
Passing them down to the next generation.
Hope we all have lots more fun together;
even though at times there's stormy weather.

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Together We Save said...

I have something for you on my blog. You may not into awards but your blog is wonderful.